How Man’s Best Friend Is Good For the Heart

Humans cannot live alone and that’s a fact no matter how hard you deny it. You always need someone to get care, to be dependent, and to be alone with so that you don’t feel lonely and abandoned. Psychology says that besides getting care, giving someone care and having someone dependent also gives you a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. For this very reason, we find reasons and benefits of warmer relationships between pets and humans. 

Man’s Best Friend Is Good For the Heart – Researches:

According to a research, recently published in a Journal from Mayo Clinic Proceedings 

“Owning pets, specifically dog breeds, reduce the risk of heart disease and help in maintaining good heart health.”

Not only recently, but many studies done in nearest past, and remote-past also claims that Man’s Best Friend Is Good For the Heart and that best friend is of course a pet while the dog has exclusive status. For example, a study from 2013-14 explains:

“From all over around 2000 people showed a healthy heart and they all had been pet owners throughout their lives. Cardiovascular heart scores of people with pets is better than those who are pet-less because of lack of physical activity”.

Well, from studies and researches, we have concluded some reasons due to which people with pets live longer, healthier, and have good heart.

Man’s Best Friend Is Good For the Heart – Reasons:

  • People with Pets Are More Physically Active:

First of all, owners with their pets as dogs remain more physically active because dogs are active and warm animals. They always intrigue their owners to go out and breathe in fresh air. Fresh air fills their inside with refreshment while better physical activities improves their blood circulation. As a result, they feel better at heart and suffer from lesser heart issues. 

  • People with Pets Feel Less Stressed-out and Anxious:

Dogs are most loving animals on earth and they can detect the pain behind your smile and stress in your head. There is no science in it but they are simply gifted by Almighty with this ability. Therefore, whenever a dog detects its owner having mood swings, he tries to do some certain actions to distract the person from things making him/her worried. 

  • People with Pets Are Better at Diets and Have Wiser Food selections:

All with this, according to researches and studies, it has seen that people who love dogs have better sense of food selection for their bodies than those who love other species such as cats. In a recent study, a comparison of food choices has been made between cat and dog lover and results clearly showed that dog lovers were better at choosing healthier food. 


Research details and discussions can help us easily to conclude that dog lovers or people having best friends are better at heart health. Dog lovers have better choices in terms of food while they remain more active than other pet owners. So, if you feel a little low at times, it is time to head to a pet store and get yourself a Man’s Best Friend.